Breakfast Salad

June 12, 2010

The asparagus spears are gone for the year and the plant has begun to wear its summer lace, so I’ve turned my attention to the peas, lettuce and radishes.  I made my garden rounds before breakfast yesterday.   It was ten-thirty or so, warm and muggy by the time I finished.  Not wanting to cook anything and heat up the house, I picked the few pea pods that had filled out, pulled a few smaller radishes and a couple of handfuls of lettuce.  On the way inside, I noticed some plantain and what I call sour clover and added a handful of each to the greens in my bowl.  Those seemed to be the edible weeds du jour in the backyard.

After washing everything and patting them dry, I added some salt, a dusting of garlic and onion powder to the greens, peas and radishes, added the chopped pea pods and a squeeze of Italian dressing.  Along with a peanut butter sandwich on whole-wheat toast, it made a quick and nourishing breakfast without a lot of fuss.  Last week, a handful of mulberries from a volunteer bush growing next to the fence and some wild mint growing by the corner of the house went into my salads.  A month before that, it was raw, sliced asparagus and the blue-flowered creeping Charlie, served with a toasted cheese sandwich.

Not traditional breakfasts, particularly, but if you’re expecting doom any day now, it’s probably good to think outside the “bacon, egg and cheese biscuit” box and make do with what you have on hand around the garden or yard once in a while, just for the practice.

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