Fighting For Each Other, Not Against

Protesters in the Capitol

Image by BlueRobot via Flickr

February 26, 2011

Well, it looks like the average Joe is finally fighting back, not only in North Africa and the  Middle East, but right here in America.  Good for us; it’s about time.  I am on the side of the unions here just like I’m on the side of the ordinary people around the world.

I did get my transplants started last week and the first few are now poking up from the little peat pots.  This week, I want to dump all the old soil from my earthboxes and outside containers onto a tarp, add what composted soil I have, and some homemade fertilizer before dumping it onto the garden soil along with the dead grass and leaves from last fall and letting it sit out in the rain until time to turn the soil over.  Then I’ll clean up the earthboxes and containers for an extra crop of lettuce, radishes and onions when I plant those early crops out in the garden.  I’m hoping to take those extras to the food banks as they produce, just as I’m hoping the extra tomato and pepper starts I have and the extra beans and corn and squash I’ll plant in May, will produce extra food for the food banks throughout the summer.

Why?  Because while the democraps and repugnicans are arguing about the best way to save an empire that can’t be saved, by sacrificing programs for the poor without causing any suffering for the rich, people out here in the real world are rapidly being priced out of food and energy.  Other than the stream of angry, but basically ineffectual letters I regularly send my congressional “representatives,” growing a little extra to help feed those that are being priced out of their basic needs is the only way I know to fight back.  I know many of you, doomers or not, do the same thing.

And across America, the rich and powerful, who are getting rich by destroying the American worker, are on the move again.  If you have the chance to join in the workers’ marches planned across the nation this weekend, I urge you to do so.  If you’re out of a job, go march with those who still have one.  Quit letting the lies of those who want to increase their wealth and power by turning American workers into third-world workers, turn us against one another while they strip away our right to bargain collectively.  We simply will not survive as a nation by demanding only the poor and the American workers sacrifice while letting the rich and powerful skate.

When you get back from the protests, get busy on that garden.  If there’s anything I’ve learned from watching those protesters in the Middle East and North Africa, it’s that we’d better take care of each other while we fight together for what we need.  The powers that be just aren’t going to let go of their power any other way.

And while you’re at it, keep our fellow travelers in Libya and the surrounding countries in your thoughts (and prayers, if you are so inclined). If we turn our backs on them, sooner or later we will be them.  And that’s pretty much says all I have to say on the subject.


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