Insults, Insults Everywhere …

November 10, 2011

In reading through the news this week, it seems to have been a week of insults, great and small, both here and around the world.

The actor, Alex Balwin, who was apparently removed from an airplane last week for causing a fuss over having to turn off his i-pod or something, issued a written apology to his fellow travelers that managed to insult both the airline industry and Greyhound Bus by pointing out the “filthy planes, barely edible meals and paramilitary bearing of the industry” and comparing flying to a “Greyhound bus experience”.

Of course, poor old Alex can’t hold a candle to politicians at home and abroad when it comes to insulting or feigning insult from others.

Great Britain’s David Cameron apparently insulted the entire European Union this week, when he said, “Thanks, but no thanks” to their little treaty that would give national sovereignty over the various countries’ budgets and borrowing to a European commission.

Pakistan, our staunch ally in the war on terrorism – despite our penchant for blowing up their people with drone attacks meant to kill terrorists – insulted The Homeland for our kind efforts by entering into peace talks with our enemy the Taliban.

And Iranian politicians insulted our government by producing a video of the CIA stealth drone we so carelessly lost while using it to secretly spy on them for the last several years.

On the home-front, our own Newt Gingrich showed – not once, but twice this week – that he’s no slouch at insults, himself.  He started the week insulting just poor Americans by deciding that their children – having no “role models” at working, even though about 70 % of the poor are working poor – ought to be taught work ethics by firing school janitors and putting poor people’s tykes to work in their place, starting at, oh, about age nine.

Yeah, that ought to teach the little lay-abouts some responsibility.

But by the end of the week, Newt had managed to insult millions of Palestinians around the world by asserting that they were simply Arabs who we had apparently invented as Palestinians back when we gave Israel statehood.  (Umm, hey, Mr. Historian, ever read Herodotus?)

Not to be outdone in the “I am stupid” department, Rick Santorum managed to insult both poor people and obese people this week by stating that, if elected President, he would discontinue the food stamps program because the obesity epidemic among people who receive food stamps means we don’t need them.

Well, all righty, then.  Problem solved.

And GOP Rep.Trent Franks (AZ), instead of working on jobs creation, has insulted every American with a brain larger than a peanut by introducing a bill (I kid  you not) to protect the civil rights of fetuses by banning abortions based on race or sex.   Because, y’ know, those black women are all running out to have abortions as soon as they find out their fetuses are (gasp) black.

Yeah, that’s the ticket.  Sigh!

But for sheer, unmitigated hubris in the insults department, you’ve got to hand it to the unemployed and Occupy DC.  Those people actually invaded the hallowed halls of Congress this week to demand their representatives sit down and talk about the jobs situation with the people they represent.  This outrageous insult so shocked the delicate sensibilities of the good congresspersons that some literally fled to their offices and locked themselves inside to keep the riff-raff out.  One, Darrell Issa, called the police to remove them and another, Mitch McConnell, sent out one of his staffers to inform the interlopers they needed to make an appointment if they wanted to see him.  Though, to be fair, one or two of the ninety or so Representatives thus visited did actually take time to talk to these unruly constituents who had so inconsiderately invaded their sanctuary.

No wonder, then, that three out of four voters in a Gallup released yesterday were insulted enough to say most lawmakers don’t deserve re-election.  Yet with all the hard feelings against the Congress, fifty-three percent said their lawmakers deserved re-election.

Ooookey-dokie, we are so doomed.

Well, I thought I bring all this to your attention to a) point out why we’re doomed and b) recommend that, after you’ve prepped as much as you can as fast as you can, c) you sit back, laugh and enjoy the sheer lunacy of the coming crash, because d) it doesn’t appear it’s going to get much better than this, folks.

Now, I’m going to put my feet up and have a cup of tea while I see if I can find anything these days not to be insulted about.

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2 Responses to Insults, Insults Everywhere …

  1. Graveday says:

    Well done, Linda, though when you put in the a, b, c, d, stuff I thought for a second it was multiple choice. But then, it was.
    That there Darrell Issa (rhymes with asshole) hails from my state, but then we’re pushing forty million souls here which means simply on a percentage basis we have many assholes.
    Damn, did I just make an insult?
    Regardless, my admiration for your posts is not insulting.

    • theozarker says:

      Hey grave, I was born in Oklahoma and raised in Kansas. I got nothing to say about that – heheheh. Though in my defence, way back then, neither state had as many political assholes as they do now. And of course, Missouri has its share now, too. Them buggers is everywhere.

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