The Computer Ate My Homework

June 17, 2012

Well, I had a nice essay on good and evil from the perspective of an atheist written and ready to go. I tried all day, yesterday, to post it – to no avail. This morning when I tried, the computer ate it. Lock, stock and without so much as a burp.

I think the computer may have been a better critic of my work than I was. So, I am going to take a short vacation this week and try again next Saturday. Barring a complete collapse of everything, due to the Greek elections today, I’ll be back next week – computer permitting.

And, no, Graveday, I didn’t see any MIBs lurking around … unless … hmmm, wonder if they wear black shorts with those sunglasses this time of year. There have been a suspicious number of those types hanging around the convenience store next door …

I’ll see you next week unless TEOTWAWKI happens, in which case, don’t panic, play nice and share what you can with each other.

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