Some Thoughts on the Two Conventions From Where I Sat

Republican Party (United States)

Republican Party (United States) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

September 8, 2012

Barack Obama presidential campaign, 2008

Barack Obama presidential campaign, 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First off, let me make clear that I did not actually attend either the Democratic or the Republican Conventions.  Where I sat to watch them – like most Americans – was in my over-stuffed chair, in the living room, in front of the television.  Therefore, the views stated below may be tainted by the fact that, not having been there to see the sausage making that went on during the day, I am limited in my understanding of both the process and purpose of conventioneering.

I will also stipulate that, though I faithfully tuned in to my PBS station at six o’clock (CDT) every evening that the two conventions ran, my mind did occasionally wander.  And, at times, I even flipped the channel to some mindless sit-com for a few minutes to give my brain a little breathing time over the four to four and one half hours the conventions ran each evening.

Having issued those caveats, here are my thoughts on what I saw and heard over these past two weeks:

Both parties did a bang-up job of throwing red meat to their true believer bases and preparing them to go forth and save the nation (and, possibly, the world) from the depraved indifference of the other side.

Neither the Republican nor the Democratic leaders seem to have a clue that the American Empire of the one percent and the American nation of the average Joe are two different animals and that their insistence on spending our resources to save the Empire will inevitably lead to the demise of both.

Romney-Ryan, having both been born into that one percent, seem to honestly believe that gutting the nation of the 99 percent is the only way to save the Empire they think represents us all.

Obama-Biden, having risen from the ranks of the 99 percent into the one percent, seem to honestly believe that, with a little judicious juggling, they can bring the 99 percent along without having to give up the Empire of the one percent.

The Republican delegates seemed completely willing to be gutted for the sake of the one percent and, frankly, pretty angry that the other side was not so willing to make that sacrifice.

The Democratic delegates, on the other hand, seemed a bit wistful and, at times, absolutely verklempt over their inclusion in the witless journey to save an Empire of the one percent.

Whichever way we vote, we’re screwed by both parties’ inability to let go of the dream of Empire and save the nation.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled reality.

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6 Responses to Some Thoughts on the Two Conventions From Where I Sat

    • theozarker says:

      Thanks for the link, witsend. Yeah, the Dems say all the right things, but they love that oil and gas money and the Empire they hope it will sustain, as much as the Republicans do.

  1. graveday says:

    This is why I like Rocky Anderson, but I might as well spit into the wind. I don’t know who is running with him, but if I were him I would pick Henry Rollins. Yeah, that guy. One can dream, but in the end I will have only one vote to give and it won’t be for a right wing Mormon/Catholic confederacy of dunces, to steal a phrase.

    • theozarker says:

      Hey, Grave. Yeah, I’ve thought about the Justice Party, too, (although I’m having a little trouble getting Henry Rollins, the ’80s punk rocker out of my head – LOL.) Even the Green Party. But I feel like you do. I only have one vote and if I expend it “spitting in the wind”, as you say, have I just helped elect two people that I feel are absolutely antithetical to everything I believe in. I think a lot of us are wrestling with that this time.

      I am going to concentrate on the local and state level, but I really don’t know what I’m going to do yet at the national level.

  2. graveday says:

    Absolutely, state and local are must do. At the national level you will just have to hold your nose, pinch hard, real hard, and do something. It might help to be on your knees praying loudly, or begging loudly, for reason and justice to prevail.
    Or maybe just wishing out loud. Whatever, I don’t know.

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