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Brave New World

October 27, 2012 A state panel gave a key approval Wednesday to start a tar sands mine in Utah’s wild Book Cliffs in eastern Utah. After hearing from the company behind the project, Alberta-based U.S. Oil Sands, as well … Continue reading

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A Hard Winter is Coming

  October 20, 2012     Fall has fell, as they say around here.  The remains of the summer garden disappeared into the compost bin, although the early fall lettuce, spinach and onions on the side porch live on.  The … Continue reading

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An Edge-of-the-Dime’s Worth of Difference

October 13, 2012 For the last several months, especially after the Republicans finally settled on their candidate for President, I’ve been wrestling with what to do about voting in the upcoming November elections.  Here at home, it’s not a problem.  … Continue reading

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Virtual Reality

October 6, 2012 One of my nephews came to visit this last Thursday.  He was in town for a three-day conference.  I hadn’t seen him since my mom’s funeral about fifteen year ago – though, as with the rest of … Continue reading

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The Blog Post Will Be Late Today

I’ll be out this morning, hunting down shingles and the other odds and ends necessary for re-roofing the little side porch, but I will put the blog post up this evening.

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