On Tuesday, I Had an Encounter With a Car …

January 26, 2013

… The car won. A man, making a left turn into the lane I was walking across, grazed me with the fender of his car and knocked me to the street. Nothing broke, thankfully, but I’ve been hobbling around the house with increasingly less pain over the last four days and can now slowly walk about the house holding onto my walking stick and a wooden kitchen chair without pain or pain medication. Last night, I slept in my bed instead of the overstuffed chair in the living room whereI’d been ensconced in between hobbling to the kitchen and bath for three days. That was glorious. Today I made it into the armless desk chair and up again for the first time, so I thought I’d better leave my friends and readers a short note to let you know why I’ve been absent from the blog and that I’ll be back full press next week.


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26 Responses to On Tuesday, I Had an Encounter With a Car …

  1. witsendnj says:

    Yikes!! So glad you made it!!
    Once, I was walking with the ex to the dedication of a new science building on the Princeton campus (he’s a professor there). It happened to be raining so hard, we were huddled under an umbrella and had no visibility. We walked across the street at a crosswalk, but couldn’t see that on the other side, the sidewalk to the new building wasn’t finished, and when we reached it, were forced to walk along the edge of the road along the barricades.

    That’s when we got hit, from behind. The impact was bad but worse, we flew into the air, and landed on our backs on the pavement. Probably we were saved because there was such deep water along the gutter. The guy who hit us was a local, so blind and crippled that he walked with not one, but two canes. He didn’t even see us, until we were on his windshield. That’s when he slammed on the brakes, and we flew forward onto the ground. Fortunately, he wasn’t going very vast although I definitely had a life-altering, out-of-body experience.

    Anyway, we were shocked to get a ticket in the mail the following week, for jaywalking. We were outraged and went to court to protest. Of course, we eventually realized, the city had to blame US, otherwise we could have sued them, or something. It was a long time ago, well before our society became so litigious, and such a thing didn’t occur to us until after we were forced to pay the fine.

    Another lesson in power politics.

    Take care of yourself!!

    • theozarker says:

      Thanks witsend. I was almost at the median when he turned. It was a little old man in a big car, so I’m not sure he knew he’d brushed me until the fender pushed me over and people started running toward him and me. At any rate, I feel very lucky that it wasn’t a more direct hit.

  2. justcaroles says:



    Ya know . . . It’s surprising how little we trust the government, commercials — and even sometimes, friends — BUT we place a great deal of trust in the capacity of alertness of other drivers!

    Have had similar encounters, but, thankfully, only in a vehicle (surrounded by steel).

    Glad you’re not seriously injured.


  3. CaityJ says:

    I’m glad you survived to tell the tale and have weathered the aftermath in such good humor. Did the driver even stop? Did anyone offer assistance and get you to a hospital?

    I don’t believe I have commented to you before, but I am subscribed to your blog via email after juscaroles shared a column with me. I enjoy your POV very much and do wish you a return to full physical and writing powers soon.



    • theozarker says:

      Hi Caity, yes he stopped, even offered to take me to the hospital. Several people stopped to assist and someone called the police who called the fire department and paramedics. After I could move around enough to assume nothing was broken, someone helped me back to the sidewalk where the PD, FD and PMs took statements, lifted my arms and poked around on my neck and spine, saying, “Does that hurt? Does that hurt?” Nothing did, so they finally let me go on my way after I signed a release for the PMs. It seemed very like an old Keystone Kops movie before everyone decided I’d live and let me go on to the hospital for my routine tests.

      I’m so glad you decided to post and hope we’ll hear more from you. And thanks for your well wishes.

      • CaityJ says:

        It’s refreshing to know that the driver and others gave you the attention you deserved (whether you wanted it or not). It’s really quite miraculous that you survived without major injuries. Thanks for the welcome. Take good care now.

      • theozarker says:

        People around here are pretty good about helping in an emergency like that. And I did appreciate the help from the police and emergency responders. Even after I got home, neighbors and friends offered to come over any time I needed help. And I certainly count myself lucky that I wasn’t hit hard enough to break any bones. I suspect this is a much nicer town to “be in trouble” than some places are.

      • CaityJ says:

        I realized after writing my last comment that you suffered pretty badly from your injuries and recovery has not been a piece of cake. You’re a real trouper! I hope those aches, pains, and bruises recede fully and leave no residual compromises to your body and mind!

      • theozarker says:

        Caity, most of the injuries were to the muscles around the knees, especially the left one. When the car brushed against me it pushed me to the right and threw me off balance. I remember doing a little half-turn on the way down to keep from landing on that right hip which I think is what strained the knee muscles. But I think it was a pretty small price to avoid a broken hip. Mostly it’s just that I’m not thirty anymore and I have to take things in increments until I get back to normal. I’m actually pretty much independent around the apartment now. And can get down the three stairs to the first landing and back. Next week, I conquer the 10 steps down to the first floor and back (with supervision!!!) Then … the WORLD! 🙂

      • CaityJ says:

        You go,. Girl! I know exactly what you mean about age being a factor. Somehow I thought I was going to avoid the aches and frailties of the “golden years” but now it doesn’t take much to bruise me or knock me off balance. I do admire your thinking fast enough to protect your bones. A couple of years ago, I took a fall that wrecked my left knee and left me with weakness in my lower back. It happened so fast I didn’t have time to plan anything! I became aware just as my head (with eye-glasses) smashed into the cement sidewalk! My glasses cut under my eye and you should have seen the shiner! But I’m doing AOK now, without major problems, . . but it was just dumb luck!

      • theozarker says:

        Yeah, we sure don’t get any lighter on our feet with age, do we? 😀

  4. Linda, ouch. FWIW, I recently tried a kind of walking meditation at home for exercise instead of dodging cars on the street, and I think it works out better. Or, as I said somewhere before:

    Non-motorists always should scan
    For the unheedful van or sedan;
    In country or town,
    They will run you down
    Whenever they possibly can.

    • theozarker says:

      LOL, apparently they will, Ben. Actually, I’d just taken the bus to get to an appointment for the last of the routine tests for my annual physical, but I had to walk a block from the bus stop to get there. I think the annual physicals may be more dangerous than staying home and taking my chances. 😀

  5. Holy cow, Linda! Glad you’re feeling better. Good thoughts and energy beaming your way!

  6. VaMom says:

    Glad you are mending so well … So glad it wasn’t worse. One more reason to abandon cars … They interrupt our favorite blog!!

  7. Barbara D. says:

    So sorry for your accident, but glad it wasn’t worse. Walking in a rural area is tricky, since we don’t have sidewalks or adequate lighting. Be safe, everyone!

  8. jj says:

    That’s terrible! I’m glad to hear you’re on the mend, though. Wishing you a speedy recovery…

  9. graveday says:

    Glad to hear you’re on the mend and feeling better. And thanks for the reminder to be ready to jump. It could just as easily have been a young person distracted by their phone.
    A while back I was rear-ended by a coed who slammed into me while I was stopped at a red light. She then proceeded to get out and take pictures of the damage with the very phone she was distracted by as I struggled with my emotions. I was beyond irony and just short of strangle.
    No need to reply, Linda, just keep recovering.

    • theozarker says:

      Thanks grave. I’m up and around without support now. And doing small tasks. Even picked some of the lettuce thinnings today for a snack. The indoor tomatoes and peppers have done quite well without me, though they did need a bit of watering after four days. 😀 This evening, when my son comes by, I’ll try some stairs for the first time. I sure appreciate everyone’s well wishes, thoughts and, for those who sent them, prayers.

  10. Nadia says:

    Sending you prayers and positive “vibrations” from down the road. You have lots of courage.
    I hope that friends in your area are helping you.

    • theozarker says:

      Thanks Nadia, I’m sure that prayers and positive “vibrations” and other directed good energies do help speed the healing process and accept all with much gratitude. And friends have been a big help which I do so appreciate.

      BTW, I enjoyed and was touched by your comment on “Walking Away” last week about your family. Thank you for sharing that.

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