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The Madness at the Center of the World

March 30, 2013 The snow and cold at the beginning of the week turned to rain and, with only partial sunshine, gradual warmth over the rest of the week. Perhaps that explains why, over the last two warm and sunny … Continue reading

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March 23, 2013 After I bought manure for the garden, potting soil for the May transplants and a little bag of sand for the wildflowers, Mother Nature stepped out and whispered, “Surprise!”with a week of winter temperatures and five inches … Continue reading

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A Good Start

March 16, 2013 We’ve had a lovely week here in Springfield – especially the last two days, which were sunny with temperatures at around seventy on Thursday and near eighty on Friday.  So, true to my word last week, I … Continue reading

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Next Week

March 9, 2013 Yesterday, we had sunshine and a temperature of fifty-eight, but the south wind – up around twenty-five mph – made it a chilly fifty-eight if you were out in it for very long.  I wasn’t.  That’s a … Continue reading

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Just Trying to Stay Out of the Corner

March 2, 2013 The tomato and pepper plants in my plant room have blooms on them.  And, after five days of snow, snow flurries, and spits of sleet that managed to give us around three inches of actual snow and … Continue reading

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