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What’s Going On In My Garden

July 27, 2013 What’s going on in my garden, so far this year, seems to echo what’s going on in the wider world. Everything that survived the ravenous rabbits seems to be just sort of hanging in there. The trash … Continue reading

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Standing Your Ground

July 20, 2013 One thing that bothers me about the so called “stand your ground” laws, the only person who really has the right to stand his ground is the guy with the gun. Whether he’s right in his perception … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts About Rape in an Age of Collapse

July 13, 2013 These days, news sites on television and the internet are filled with stories of bloviating politicians rushing to pass laws about women’s bodies. Usually in the guise of “protecting” women. Usually by men who’ve shown little inclination … Continue reading

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The Great Snuff Wars

    July 6, 2013   Back in the summer of 1945, we spent the month of August with my paternal grandparents who, after retiring from their leased farm, had moved into a nearby town of 300 souls in southern … Continue reading

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