The Eve of Destruction

August 31, 2013

English: Bashar al-Assad under pressure

English: Bashar al-Assad under pressure (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once again, a President of the American Empire and its military/industrial complex stand on the cusp of war in the Middle East – this time with even less support from the American people and the international community than was drummed up for its previous wars.
Of course, the American poll numbers in support of a Syrian strike go up when you add the words, “chemical weapons” to the questions, though no one has explained how that is any worse than the obscene slaughter that has gone on in Syria for the last two years by both sides with conventional weapons.
Don’t bother pointing me to the videos and pictures showing rows of blue-faced Syrian little ones killed by the gas attacks. I can’t distinguish them from the videos and pictures showing rows of blue-faced Syrian little ones killed in conventional weapons attacks that we and the rest of the world have ignored for those two years.
And don’t tell me about upholding international conventions against the use of CWs when our own chemical industry sold many of the chemicals and our own CIA provided the intelligence that allowed Saddam Hussein to use CWs against the Iranians during that war and his own Kurdish people, knowing he was using/would use them. And, when the damage from our use of white phosphorus (which we called a chemical weapon when Saddam Hussein used it) in Iraq and the use of depleted uranium in all our wars since and including Kosovo is ever more damningly documented.
Don’t lie to me about national interests. There are no compelling national interests in bombing Syria now; there are only imperial interests. And the Empire does what it wants, when it wants, to whom it wants – with or without the approval of this or any other nation – justifying it with whatever lies and legal niceties it needs to concoct. This time appears to be no different. The Empire blames Bashar al-Assad for the chemical atrocities; Assad blames the rebels. Po-tay-to; po-tah- to. Each is equally plausible and those who know the truth of the matter are not talking to you and me about it. As to those whom the Empire wishes to get rid of, it will grab or create whatever it must to get the job done.
In the end, the British Parliament may turn out to be the smartest guys in the room. In these days of continued economic instability, a peak and plateau in worldwide energy barely made up for by our expensive newfound oil and the increasing frequency and costs of climate related disasters here and around the world, perhaps they’ve acceded to a reality the Empire refuses to acknowledge.
Whatever happens over the next week, I’ll spend it gleaning every ounce of food I can from my barely producing garden, finishing up the seed planting for my indoor winter garden and laying in a new round of supplies for the larder. If even a few of the many things that could go wrong in an attack on Syria do go wrong, we may all look back at this time as the eve of destruction.

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11 Responses to The Eve of Destruction

  1. pame says:

    hey Linda!!!! It’s me pam! 😀
    this article really cut to the chase! Why is killing little kids ok as long as you use the specified tools?
    Maybe people are waking up to the complete and utter idiocy of it all.
    I sure hope so.
    Email me so I know I got your email address right. 😀
    miss you Lina Lou Who.

    • theozarker says:

      Hey Pam, where have you been? I sent you a couple of emails from my new account on my (newer and faster) computer. Will send you another this afternoon, assuming your email is the same? Dang, I’ve missed talking to you!
      Big hug.

  2. pame says:

    hey Linda, I never got them!! arghhhh!!!!!!

    • theozarker says:

      The only email I have for you now ( my email list didn’t transfer to the new computer) is the one at gmail. Let me know if you don’t have that one anymore and I’ll leave a note at your art blog.

  3. expedeherculem says:

    Seems to me to be another attempt to surround and contain Iran with “friendly” regimes (and missle batteries). If playing Civilization on the computer has taught me anything, it’s that over-extension of empire is inevitable.

  4. graveday says:

    Pam, so good to know you are still kicking. As to the Middle East, I did not know how deep all the various sectarian and religious hatreds ran, and how many there are, but I do now. It is mind-numbing and confusing to keep track of. All I know for sure is Aleppo was once a wonderful city.
    Looks like the Biblical flood waters this time will be packing Cesium and assorted other unpleasantness.

  5. pamela says:

    hey graveday! good to see you too.
    had a bit of a detour but trying to find my way back home. 😀
    and yes, Linda really nailed it in her new article. She has a way of seeing things that cuts right to the bone doesn’t she?

    • graveday says:

      Yes, Pam. Sorry to take so long to answer, have been busy. Not a detour though, heh.
      Linda has one of the calmest, clearest, and keeps to the issues perspectives I’ve come across. And she does it on pennies a day, heh.

  6. Nadia says:

    Dead is dead.

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