Time to Get Busy, Doomers

March 15, 2014  from freepic.com

From what I’ve read in the news, this week, it looks like we may go to war with Russia next week. Not a shooting war, (not yet, anyway,) but an economic war that in some ways is just as stupid and dangerous. Yes, Putin “invaded” Crimea, undoubtedly, in response to our meddling in the Ukraine. (For a fairly coherent timeline of our meddling, I’d recommend reading http://www.counterpunch.org/2014/03/05/chronology-of-the-ukrainian-coup/) We’d done similar things in other former USSR nations and, in the decade since the breakup of the USSR, we and the EU have expanded NATO, offering membership to 10 former USSR nations, right up to the western border of Russia, (complete with missile batteries in two of those countries) despite our assurances to Gorbachev that NATO had no intentions toward eastward expansion. In addition, Russia has the right to station its Black Sea Navy at Sevastopol, in the Crimea,  its only warm water naval base, until 2042 under an agreement with the Ukraine that goes back to the 1950s.

It’s not that I think Russia is an innocent in all of this. But, when you constantly poke an angry bear, don’t be surprised when the bear bites back.

Tomorrow, the people of Crimea, a majority of whom are Russian, vote on whether to break away from Ukraine and rejoin Russia. Most sources I’ve read expect them to vote to do just that. The US and EU have already declared the referendum illegitimate and will refuse to honor it. We have threatened economic sanctions against Russia if their government endorses the results, (which they have said they will,) beginning on Monday.

Russia, of course, has its own economic measures it can take against the EU and the US. In fact, some “foreigners” dumped over $100 billion in treasuries last week. Whether it was Russia or not, we don’t know. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-03-14/it-begins-past-week-foreigners-sell-record-amount-over-100-billion-treasurys-held-fe?utm_content=bufferc53fd&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer

And I expect that, if an economic war ensues, other nations will take sides. The global economies are still weak, including our own – despite what we are constantly told to the contrary. If it goes on long enough, poor people everywhere will get creamed. And I’d suppose a fair number of rich and not so poor will get creamed, too – eventually. This can’t be a good thing.  And the longer it goes on, the better the chance that some fool will turn it into a shooting war, which I can’t see anyone winning.

So, being one of the poor people, I got out and planted my early veggies last week and covered them with some straw, knowing we still had some below freezing nights ahead. I purified and put away some more bottled water and tucked some more canned goods into the cabinets – just in case this thing goes to  that shooting war.

I know some of you are still eyeball deep in snow, right now. But I suggest you do what preps you can. Even if things calm down and nothing worse than a few hurt feelings ensue, tornado season is coming, fire and drought seasons can’t be far behind and hurricane and flood seasons will be here before we know it. Time to get busy, doomers.

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11 Responses to Time to Get Busy, Doomers

  1. eugene says:

    In my old mind, the US is like the local aging violent drunk, slowing down, paunchy and irrational but still dangerous with far too many local supporters.

  2. Infinitea says:

    “Tomorrow, the people of Crimea, a majority of whom are Russian, vote on whether to break away from Ukraine and rejoin Russia. Most sources I’ve read expect them to vote to do just that. The US and EU have already declared the referendum illegitimate and will refuse to honor it.”

    Why isn’t the vote of the people due respect from nations that aren’t directly involved? For the U.S. and E.U. to issue such a statement shows just how out of touch they are with “the people” everywhere, including their own.

    Watching this collapse in slow-motion, as we are, only makes me want it to happen faster, though I’m afraid of what the toll will be. There are too many people out of touch with their own pain, who would rather pass it on than heal it. And it will only get worse following this path.

    • theozarker says:

      But, Infinitea, if we legitimized the results of the Crimean referendum, how could the illegitimate gov we put in place in the Ukraine break the Russian navy’s lease at Sevastopol, taking away Russia’s most important naval base and hemming them in even further?
      I really think we’ve cut off our nose to spite our face on this one. And if the economic war gets really down and dirty, we may not be able to stop an economic collapse. The four BRIC countries together own over 1.5 trillion in treasuries.

  3. Nadia says:

    Based on how you present your thoughts and ideas – I really really like you so much and always look forward to your new posts. Thank you so much for being a calm, accurate, (in my mind), reasoned voice in all of this madness out there.

    I bought some fresh red peppers and, with a mixture of yogurt and mayonnaise with tuna put all my attention into this simple meal today and I felt a bit calm after that. Thanks for your thoughts. I felt better and my mind wandered to a good place for a little while.

    • theozarker says:

      Not much else we commoners can do, is there? This is really between the leaders of the aging Empire and Russia – the EU being, basically, our vassals in all this.
      Comfort food is a great way to calm the mind (and the tummy). My favorite is a tomato/vegetable soup with a little of whatever meat I can find to throw in, but tuna salad is on that list, too. 🙂

  4. graveday says:

    Maybe with a cut off nose we’ll stop poking it around. Nah.

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