Crazy Terrorist Rabbits

June 14, 2014   220px-Wild_rabbit_us

It’s a lovely day here in southwest Missouri, sunny and seventy-one degrees as I write the blog post although the wind gusts are rather strong, as the creaks and groans of my old house will attest.

Up until yesterday, we’d had only two days without rain in the previous couple of weeks. So, it was with great gusto I weed-whacked the grass around the perimeters of the garden, began the task of taming the shrubs around the house (to be continued after the next two days of more rain,) and ran barefoot through the wet grass like a wild woman on the evening before last, throwing whatever I could find at the rabbits that had been scarfing up my vegetable transplants as fast as I put them in the ground.

Happily, any neighbors who care about such things already know I’m a little off my noodle (in a completely harmless way). Sadly, my lunatic behavior didn’t discourage the rabbits’ return last night, although they did appear to be leaving the veggies alone and dining on grass and weeds – which are now plentiful, thanks to the rain.

You win some; you lose some.

Speaking of winning some, losing some and lunatic behavior, the Empire – for all its running through the backyards of the world, chasing “terrorist” rabbits – seems to be having about as much luck as I did in my own backyard, (though the Empire is not nearly so harmless as I am).

One by one, all the places we’ve been mucking about in, lately – Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Afghanistan and, now, Iraq – are going (as my doomer friend, Simba, likes to say) “fucko-bazzoo” while senile, old Senators yell, “Bomb ‘em, bomb ‘em,” and pompous newscasters intone about all the “blood and treasure” we invested.

Damn those “crazy terrorist rabbits.” How could they treat us that way?

Listen up, folks. They have no more reason to give a crap about the blood and treasure the Empire has wasted over the last sixty years trying to bring them carnivorous capitalism and plutocracy at the end of a gun than we gave a crap about the blood and treasure they spent trying to defend themselves against our and our lackey allies’ plunderings.

We are not the indispensable nation; we are not the shining city on the hill. We are a gluttonous, failing Empire that devours its young and theirs while plundering the very earth that sustains all of us in order to protect its privileged elite and keep the rest of us pacified with ever more trinkets.

Those “crazy terrorist rabbits” don’t hate us for our freedoms. They hate the Empire for its hypocrisy, for its hubris. Most of all, they hate it for its constant meddling in the affairs of other countries for its benefit and their detriment.

The Empire has built a Garden of Eden for our elites from that plundering, with the illusion that any one of us can join them if we just work hard enough. But the illusion is wavering; the garden is becoming overgrown with weeds.

The petro dollar, the globalized financial market and the mountain of debt we have run up to build that illusory garden are beginning to fail. The resources needed to maintain it are peaking and diminishing. And the very air and earth that we need to sustain it are collapsing under the weight of our waste.

The bountiful garden we all could have enjoyed, if we had been willing to share it equitably with the rest of the world, is crumbling under our feet. Other countries have allied themselves with us or copied our ways, but more than any other nation, we have led the way to this current massive destruction. And I don’t see any real hope that it will change its ways until  forced to.

So, who is the crazy terrorist rabbit, now?

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4 Responses to Crazy Terrorist Rabbits

  1. graveday says:

    Dang Linda, on the very day, a Friday the 13th full moon deal at that, that I make my first ‘bunny kisses’ post on what I will generously call the web lest I upset a subset, you go all bunny terrorist with your blog. No, we are not indispensable, and it is pretty clear that no one around the globe thinks they are either. Shit, I think I just got lost in some double negative double think.
    Fucking cosmos random calendar crap catches me up again. All I can say is, heh.

  2. Nadia says:

    I am so grateful that I happened upon your blog….. It is so reassuring to know I have a kindred spirit out there with such on-point views about this global mess. I fluctuate between anger, protective passivity and exhaustion without peace about this escalating feeling of dread about what is around me. It seems SO OBVIOUS — as you point out. Why do most seem to be sleep walking.

    Then again, my father’s words come back to me from long ago….. regarding WW2 – he said – people try to create a feeling about normal because that saves them from chaos and collapse under the weight of reality. It’s a survival mechanism. Viva la garden !! We see lots of rabbits around our place too….. Take it carefully, Linda!

    • theozarker says:

      Hi Nadia, glad to know I’m not the only one suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune concerning those durn rabbits. 😀 I guess they’ve got to make a living, too.

      I think your dad was right about people trying to create a feeling of normalcy in the midst of chaos. I’m not sure that isn’t part of what’s happening in gov’t and corporate America sometimes, too. After all, as much as I hate to admit it, sometimes, they’re human, too (sort of). I guess that believing their own propaganda is the dark side of trying to maintain some kind of normalcy in the midst of the blowback from the chaos they have sown, themselves.

      LOL, at my age, I’m probably in more danger from trying to catch the rabbits than they are of being caught. Not really much chance of that. 😀 So I take you admonition to be careful quite seriously. Thanks.

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