Who’s on First?

June 21, 2014  

Okay, let me see if I can get this straight. The Saudis (our Sunni friends) trained ISIS (their Sunni terrorists) to fight in Syria (their Shia enemies) and we supported them because they were the “good” terrorists (therefore, friends of our friends) until they went rampaging through Iraq and threatened the (Shia) government (therefore, the Saudi’s enemy, and, if not our friend, at least originally our hand-picked puppets) and to protect that now re-elected Shia government in Iraq, but only if they play nicer with the Sunni and Kurd populations (not sure if they’re our friends, or just not our enemies, yet,) we’re thinking of working with the Shia Iranians (the Shia enemies of our Sunni friends, the Saudis,) who are friends of the Shia Iraqi government (and, therefore, are our enemies, but might become our friends if they cross their eyes and hold their tongues just right) but are enemies of  Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, who don’t seem to want to be friends with anyone (except the neo-Nazis in Ukraine – enemies of our enemies, the Russians) and who want to send in the troops – again – and basically bomb, bomb, bomb the crap out of everybody …

So, who’s on First?

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10 Responses to Who’s on First?

  1. Kip says:

    I think you’re forgetting on whose watch this is all happening…

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  3. eugene says:

    Personally, I think blaming “who’s in office now” is nothing but a distraction. But if rabid partisanship is your game, so be it. If one takes the time to study the history of the area, a key factor is Europe/US interventions since WWI. We “stole” their oil to fund our prosperity and they are sick to death of us. I know looking long term is not convenient. Neither Bush or Obama were born yet. This is, at least, a century old complicated web of lies, deception, assassinations, theft and treating others as inferior human beings that we can do with as we please. And of course, like the Protestants/Catholics, there’s centuries of bitterness and wars over who’s “right”. YouTube has a nice four part series “Secrets of the Seven Sisters” re the oil situation there.

    In a very real sense, look in the mirror to see who’s to blame. As a kid, I really liked 25 cent gas for my 1951 Ford.

    The part I enjoy about the ISIS issue is we’re arming/funding them in Syria. Now what do we do with them in Iraq?

    • theozarker says:

      Hi Eugene. Exactly. This is not a republican or democratic; it’s an Imperial thing and both parties have served the needs of the Empire over everything else for decades.

      As to ISIS, like the neo-Nazies we’ve backed in Ukraine (and actually helped install,) it’s an Imperial thing and both parties served the Empire there,too.

      But things are not looking so good for the Empire; I fear blowback is going to be a bitch for all of us. Sigh.

  4. Nadia says:

    for a change of pace …. my mom would say, “You are trying to herd cats”.

    • theozarker says:

      Yep, except that I think these kitty cats are going to turn out to be more of a “tiger by the tail”.

      • Nadia says:

        Again…. you are poignantly on point! 🙂 Very strong and unpredictable. By the way …. do you like beets? I had never had them except from a can and I am in love!!! Fresh beets with drizzled olive oil and fresh ground pepper steamed! Oh my oh my…..

    • theozarker says:

      I do love fresh beets. Mine did nothing this year, but I do love them steamed with a little butter, salt and pepper or sliced and pickled. They are so much better than canned beets from the store.

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