June 28, 2014   images

“Round and round she goes and where she stops, nobody knows”.

This has been a good week in my little corner of the world. Goldilocks weather – not too hot, certainly not too cold – meant I still have not had to use my little air conditioner. Mostly sunny days with periods of clouds and occasional rain meant I haven’t had to water the garden except to add some fertilizer. The man who mows the lawn has mowed and he and his son, who works with him when he’s not in college, have cleared the fence of all the tree sprouts and small trees that I could no longer handle, giving me at least a chance of keeping things tidy along the fence from here on. I did buy a new pair of hedge clippers and a branch pruner to do just that.

The cool nights mean I can get out in the yard and garden, to get done what I need to do before the day heats up or it rains and still have my afternoons free to putter around the house.

The tomatoes and squash are beginning to bloom; the potatoes are growing in their straw mounds, and the garden is finally beginning to take on the shapes and colors of a “real” summer garden.

The lower utility bills have allowed me to tuck away a few extra canned goods in the pantry and food in the freezer, with enough after the monthly bills are paid to get some of the repairs done and still have a little left over. And all of this seems to have conspired to keep me in good health.

I am fortunate. Unlike billions of people in this world, I have everything I need.

That said, I realize, to a certain extent, this is subject to the whims of nature and man. I’d love to think I’m in control of all this, that it’s all due to my great life skills or above-average intelligence or hard work. But it’s not. I have those things plus a loving family and dear friends, but mostly I have and have had a goodly amount of blind, dumb luck. And I know it.

Tomorrow, all that could change. I could die, my health could fail, my house could burn down or a tornado could hit it, we could have a drought or flood, the Empire  could miscalculate, pick a fight with the wrong country and we could be the country getting bombed, the economy could fail, food and energy prices could eat up my small income or the government could give it away to Wall Street.  No matter how well we plan, how smart we are, or how hard we work, we are guaranteed nothing.

Today, I am alive and healthy and content. I may have to start over again, tomorrow.  But today, I am fortunate.  Today, I have enough.

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4 Responses to Enough

  1. Silvia TIC says:

    We like being in control, thinking all we have is because our great skills or hard work…we can’t help but planning, looking forward to a tomorrow that may never come…if we are fortunate like you and I, we certainly can “count” on going to bed under a safe roof and even having a garden to play on feeding ourselves from it….but we know, we know that tomorrow never knows, that the garden may be wiped out, that the roof is not stable, that we are not entitled to anything, that thousands, if not millions, cannot count on the same things we do…but we still dream, hope and plan…because we are humans, and tomorrow never knows…

  2. Nadia says:

    More words from dad, “Hope for the best but prepare for the worst”.

  3. expedeherculem says:

    Someone’s been reading their Ecclesiastes!

  4. theozarker says:

    LOL, guess I just looked around at what I have and thought, Yeah, I do have everything I need. And that’s enough.

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