Next Round

September 6, 2014   Photo: Always nice to visit and especially nice to see your garden doing so well <3

Well, today we have our first taste of fall weather here in southwest Missouri, with lows last night in the mid fifties and an expected high of seventy-five this afternoon. By the end of next week, (we are told by our indefatigable meteorologists,) nightly temps may be in the mid forties.

All of this points to some busy weeks ahead. The tomato plants are winding down production after supplying all the fresh tomatoes I could possibly want this summer and a fair number to freeze for soups and other winter dishes; the winter squash will want picking before the nights reach the forties; the small pile of potatoes I’ve dug out by hand will hopefully be added to by friends who – unlike me – had the foresight to purchase a garden fork and will be by on Monday to help me use it.

After that, time to deconstruct the outdoor garden and start preparations for another attempt at indoor gardening this winter.

And so, my own small game, with Nature as the game master, continues. Sometimes I lose; sometimes she lets me win.

I’m looking forward to the cooler weather and the next round of the game.


A big welcome back to fellow blogger Bill Hicks, who writes the Downward Spiral blog ( ) and has been in a much more serious game with Nature for the last two years. Glad she let you win this one, Bill.

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