One Lucky Old Gal

September 20, 2014          Linda Easley

Now that the Empire is busy fighting everything from ISIL to Ebola, I guess it’s time for me to get the yard and gardens ready for winter.

This past week was cool and rainy. We had three inches of rain on one day, with smaller rains and brief showers the rest of the week. I did manage to get started deconstructing the garden in between those wet periods, but the coming week promises to be cool, sunny and dry – perfect for really getting busy in the yard.

The small side garden was a success; I’ve left it alone this past week in the hopes that the few remaining tomatoes might get picked by someone. (I do have a neighbor who’s particularly fond of fried green tomatoes.) But, if no one has picked them by later in the week, I’ll probably pick them clean, so I can get it ready for winter, too.

I’m hoping to expand it a little next year and plant a couple of other veggies – maybe some squash and green beans – along with the tomatoes. We’ll see.

And I’m looking forward to trying the winter squash I’ve stored away. I’ve never grown winter squash before, (at least, not successfully,) so that’s kind of exciting. I did clean, seed and freeze the one I dropped on the floor while bringing them in, fearing that I might have bruised it and it would rot around the bruise if I just tucked it away in storage. At least, that’s what the internet squash experts said could happen. I did save the seeds.

I fried a couple of the potatoes I’d brought in and stored the rest under the cabinet after they hardened. I do love fried potatoes. There weren’t too many of them this year, but they looked like nice ones and I think I can squeeze two or three meals of green beans and ‘taters seasoned with diced bacon out of the handful of little ones. Good stuff!

My kitchen table is still half covered with tomatoes, cherry and regular, in various stages of ripening – the last ones from the backyard garden. Hopefully, they’ll all ripen and I will have had my fill of fresh tomatoes by the time winter comes and I have to break in to the frozen and canned ones.

When I’ve finished with the outside gardens, I’ll start working toward my indoor garden for this winter. Each year, I learn a little more from the experience, so I’m looking forward to that.

Then it will be time for the great, pre-winter housecleaning, time to think about shrink wrapping the inside of the windows and to preparing coverings for the doors.

My life might seem small to some, but I really have no need to “live large”. I have loving family, dear friends and good neighbors. I am healthier than I probably have a right to be at my age, can still pursue my gardening, my larder is full (if not so overflowing, this year) and my house is old but comfortable.

Considering that the universe owes me nothing, that still makes me richer than two-thirds of the world population.

I understand that all of this could change in a moment, but, as I’ve said here before, right now, in this moment, I am one lucky old gal.

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6 Responses to One Lucky Old Gal

  1. I share your feeling of gratitude, Linda. I live a similarly small life and it just amazes me how lucky I am…and very blessed! A happy autumn to you.

  2. graveday says:

    We can argue small life, but there is no arguing that you think large.

  3. expedeherculem says:

    Good to see you’re still gardening. I just evicted some vine borers from my pumpkins and can’t wait to make beer when they’re producing. Cheers!

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