December 13, 2014        U.S. Geological Survey - Public domain image
Lies told often enough do not become truth. Torture is still torture, no matter how many times we call it enhanced interrogation. War is still war, no matter how many times we call it bringing peace. Subjugation is still subjugation, no matter how many times we call it bringing freedom and democracy.

The least dangerous aspect of believing your own lies is that people just quit trusting you; the most dangerous aspect is that real truth has a way of coming out (usually when you’re most vulnerable) and knocking you on your behind.

We may not be quite that vulnerable yet, but we’re well on our way when so many of our governmental, corporate and financial elite believe their own lies – whether it’s that torture is only enhanced interrogation; that war is the only way to peace; that economic subjugation brings freedom and democracy. Or whether it’s that climate change isn’t real and ongoing and if it is, we have time to adapt to, or mitigate its effects through technology; that we can outlast the dangers of falling oil prices on our “100 years of oil and gas” in order to wreak economic havoc on our designated enemies; that our economy is strong enough to sail through a global slowdown with no effect; that our military could win a nuclear war or a third world war; that we are exceptional and indispensable enough to run roughshod over any country that we please without blow-back.

In a Gallop poll, taken early this year, 80% of Americans who were asked how often they trusted the government responded never/almost never. That doesn’t bode well for any country – or for its people – let alone, an empire in decline.

But, what our government has done to the trust of the rest of the world with its reprehensible policies and of the lies about what we do, versus what we say we do, can only increase our vulnerability and hasten our decline as those lies we’ve so pompously declared as truth come back to destroy us.

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7 Responses to Lies

  1. graveday says:

    Linda, you seem to have forgotten about American exceptionalism. It’s the new manifest destiny, you know.
    Ah, poo, I’m trying to cook up some nice sarcasm and it just makes me sad.

    • theozarker says:

      Makes me sad, too, grave. Can’t believe that over 50% of Americans polled think that torture was justified at the time. Although I disagree with most everything else about his foreign policies, I appreciated John McCain standing against torture, at least. Just wish he and the other war mongers would realize that seeing your kid blown to bits at a wedding party by a drone is torture, too.

  2. Nadia says:

    I believe our forefathers would be disgusted.

  3. graveday says:

    McCain, having experienced pain due to torture, could have nothing else than a principled stand on the issue. As a bomber pilot who killed from above, he came in for special hatred.
    Too bad he misses the boat on so many other issues though. Plus he made Palin a house hold name. Bet he wishes he could have that one back.
    Hmmm, killed from above. Like a drone.

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