My name is Linda Easley.  I’m a writer, a gardener and a doomer.  In November, 2010, I’ll be seventy and if I died tomorrow, I’d be satisfied that the journey was worth the trouble.

I’ve lived in the Ozarks for thirty years.  My grandparents were born and raised in the Ozarks in the early post-Civil War period.

The Ozarks is a place of great beauty, encompassing much of southern Missouri and northern Arkansas.  As with most places of great beauty, there’s a constant struggle to between preserving that beauty and making a living.

The history of the area, especially the history of the Civil War along the border between the two states, was often harsh, sometimes brutal, capturing both the best and the worst of our behavior toward one another. My novel, An Uncivil War, and many of my short stories, is set in the hill country of the Missouri Ozarks.  Many of my own views on doom and how we Americans might react to it formed from reading its history.

I hope to die here.  I’ve already told my son, when it’s my time to leave the body behind, cremate me and scatter my ashes from the top of some Ozark bluff.  I’m not sure that’s even legal anymore, but that’s my perfect ending, if it is.