Shelter and Warmth (and Cooling)

Some principles of passive solar heating

Do it yourself solar projects of all kinds

Some priciples of passive solar cooling

Do-it-yourself passive solar cooling projects

Keeping food cold without refrigeration

Zeer pot “refrigerator”

Here are some more ideas

If you live in a colder climate, are handy and understand refrigeration principles, you might take a look at what this guy did

Solar cooking (also articles on homemade solar food dryers)
And here are a couple of articles (thanks, graveday) about a solar icemaker.  Again, if you understand refrigeration, you could probably cobble together something similar from salvage.

Do it yourself camping stoves

Do it yourself composting toilets (Section on “Waterless Loos” about halfway down the page)

I put a link to this handy little portable sink in the water supply section, but if you had to set up a “warm room”, you could put a sawdust toilet and one of these in the corner of the room, enclosed by screens or curtains, and have a fairly private place where you could toilet and a sink for handwashing, toothbrushing, even a sponge bath where it’s warm.  (My gratitude to a doomer friend, spacecase, for this neat idea.)

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