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A Cat’s Eye View of the Garden

July 31, 2010 The two cats whose house I live in sometimes like to follow the dog and me out to the garden when I make my early morning rounds.  The fat old calico soon tires of it all and … Continue reading

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The Silent Generation

July 24, 2010 Last night, while watching PBS, I found out that I’m part of what has been called the Silent Generation (  We are sandwiched in between the Greatest Generation and the Baby Boomers.  I’m not sure exactly who … Continue reading

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So, Where To, Now?

July 17, 2010 Well, it looks like the new cap on the gusher in the Gulf has stopped the flow of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, for now, anyway.  In another week, or two or three, the relief well … Continue reading

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Where is “We”?

July 10, 2010 Joe Bageant’s column this week ( was the clearest-eyed rant on where capitalism and our capitalist society stands right now that I’ve read in a long while.  I read it and wept.  Why?  I suppose because of … Continue reading

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July 3, 2010

No blog post this week, except to wish everyone a great 4th of July weekend.  Don’t forget to keep our military men and women in your thoughts (and prayers, if you are so inclined).

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