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Our War Dead and the Dead of Our Wars

May 26, 2012 This is Memorial Day weekend, a time when we Americans remember our dead – especially our war dead. And in this decade-plus of perpetual war, which started with a terrorist act (not an act of war) that … Continue reading

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These Times of Declining EROEI

May 19, 2012 The garden is in. I planted the last of the summer vegetables on Monday and, as it looks to be another hot, dry summer, I planted the corn, beans and squash in two big mounds – the … Continue reading

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A Little Advice for an Aging Empire in Slow Collapse

May 12, 2012 It’s wearing, this slow collapse. One morning, Europe is failing rapidly despite all that austerity. The next day, I read the European PTB have decided (at the behest of all those angry voters with their pitchforks and … Continue reading

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The Cat and the Banana Tree

May 5, 2012 My cat, Little, was once an outdoor cat, roaming the yard, chasing bugs and birds and occasionally lying in the cool earth under the asparagus fronds as I worked in the garden. She and Bigger always had … Continue reading

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