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Fall Stumbles In

October 25, 2014 Autumn around my neighborhood has just begun a full-tilt run toward changing colors. We still have had no hard frost and barely any hoar frost, though both are overdue. Today and tomorrow the temperature is supposed to … Continue reading

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Are They Really Trying to Kill Us?

October 18, 2014      Over the last couple of weeks, reading at doomer forums and the comment sections of some doomer blogs, I’ve seen some of the most irrational (and frankly, sometimes venal) conspiracy theories I’ve ever read. Come on, folks, … Continue reading

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Your Money or Your Life?

October 11, 2014     There’s an old joke (I remember it as part of Jack Benny’s comedy routine back in the 1950s) about the wealthy penny pincher who was confronted by an armed robber saying, “Your money or your life?” The … Continue reading

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Buzz, Buzz

October 4, 2014    After reading the blog post, “The Buffalo Wind”, over at the Archdruid Report last Wednesday evening, I reread it over at, while I was there on Thursday, and again (twice) on Friday. No, I have … Continue reading

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