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Bringing Out Spring

February 22, 2014  Having spent the last two months finding ways to stay warm without bankrupting myself in the cold and snowy weather, this past week has been a pleasure. Most days have been in the high fifties to mid … Continue reading

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Fear of Losing Control

February 15, 2014 Over the last week or two, we’ve seen a rash of stupid, hubristic statements by some in the one percent about how they’re being unfairly persecuted, etc., etc., etc. Here’s a pretty good summary of these … Continue reading

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Keeping Warm This Winter (II)

February 8, 2014     Last week, I told you about some things I’d done to bring my heating bill down this winter (and avoid a heart attack from opening future heating bills). Several readers noted things they had tried in the … Continue reading

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Staying Warm this Winter

February 1, 2014  After opening the December utility bill, (my first winter bill for the whole house,) and nearly having a heart attack, I decided I’d better find a way to reduce my dependence on the gas furnace. Granted, my … Continue reading

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