Sick and Tired

I’m sick; it’s not fatal, but I’m more tired than I can remember in my life. So I’m going to the doctor on Tuesday and I’ll see my regular readers here on the blog next Saturday. Have a lovely week.

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7 Responses to Sick and Tired

  1. Patty says:

    Take it easy and get well soon!

  2. graveday says:

    Linda, probably a good time to be sick. I never get sick and just spent a week in arm’s reach of the kleenex as my body generated mucus by the bucket load. No fever, not much cough, and not too much malaise, but, damn, I didn’t know I had it me, and now I don’t any more, heh.
    I also had some other stuff that ‘surfaced’ just from going to the doctor because she wanted to see me before doing the annual renewal of my blood pressure med. No problem with that and more on that later.
    Anyway, I just want to say, that getting old does not seem to be a gradual, incremental deal. To a point, it is, but there also seems to be these jumps where all of a sudden something you used to do with some residual flair is now just a tiring chore one barely can perform. It may be some slight illness and you return to the former glory, but more often it is a step level, like an electron, but without the emission of a photon, heh. Maybe a futon.
    Anyway, here’s hoping the doc just sends you home with some homilies and good wishes and you are back on track next week.

  3. Nadia says:

    Rest and think all about the friends you have in us. We all look forward to your news. Take care and we wish you well!

  4. alexiapl3 says:

    Boy I hope you feel better. I haven’t commented on a regular basis, but I very much look forward to your posts. You seem to me to be a very good and very intelligent woman. I’m really wishing you well. Look forward to hearing back after you check with the doc and get some rest.

  5. Silvia TIC says:

    Take care Linda…:)

  6. theozarker says:

    Thanks everyone. I’m having a bout of abnormal heart rhythm. It’s not one of the more dangerous arrhythmias and it usually converts back to a normal heart rhythm on its own – it hasn’t in my case and I’ve been in it for a month now, leaving me very tired and a little short of breath. So it’s off to see the Cardiologist on Tues. and hopefully get fixed up. Thanks for the good wishes. Hugs.

    • rjsigmund says:

      if your heart is like mine, Linda, there’s a ten cent a day pill that will straighten that out…stay with the lowest dose possible, though, cause too much slows your bloodpressure and hence your whole system…

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