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No Blog Post Today

I’m taking some time off to get better. Keep working toward self-sufficiency, but don’t forget to laugh and wonder and enjoy life, too. I’ll be back as quickly as I can. Linda Advertisements

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Get Ready

January 24, 2015     Before I start what will be a rather short blog today, I just want to let those of you who have inquired know that I’m feeling better, though not back up to snuff, yet. Thanks for your … Continue reading

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Sick and Tired

I’m sick; it’s not fatal, but I’m more tired than I can remember in my life. So I’m going to the doctor on Tuesday and I’ll see my regular readers here on the blog next Saturday. Have a lovely week.

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The Year the Nose Fell Off

January 10, 2015 Despite today being sunny and cold, here, with the promise of a warm-up later next week, things are looking pretty cloudy in the oil patch over the unfolding year ahead – and, sadly, what happens in the … Continue reading

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No Blog Post Today

Waiting on the resolution to a plumbing problem (thankfully small in the grand scheme of plumbing problems) and cleaning up the (again, small) mess left in its wake. I’ll be back next week. Linda

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December 27, 2014    There will be no more life lessons from Little Cat on the blog. Sadly, she passed away on my lap last Sunday morning, while I stroked her fur, talked to her and offered her every enticement I … Continue reading

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The Right to Be Stupid

December 20, 2014     Wikipedia So, am I the only person in America that thinks Sony and Seth Rogan kinda, sorta deserved the bitch-slapping they got from North Korea last week? That our much vaunted (and much whined about) Freedom … Continue reading

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